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All Together Now

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


Relationships matter and can make the difference between a good day in school and a bad one.

Presenter Emma Wilkinson meets a teacher who tells us how unhappy she has been over the past two years because she's been bullied by another staff member. Lynn Witheridge from The Andrea Adams Trust, the only UK charity dedicated to tackling workplace bullying, offers some general advice.

Park Hill Junior School in Croydon booked an African music and dance workshop through Sewa-Education. The drummers and dancers worked with the pupils during the day and then stayed on for an after-school teambuilding session with staff.

Dawn McCormack and Michael Tidd found romance thanks to a website especially for teachers, hosted by the TES. It was created by Dawn Cox when she realised teachers needed somewhere to go to meet other people who understand their profession. It certainly worked for Dawn and Michael who met, fell in love and moved in together in the space of three months.

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