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Amazing Archives

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


An inspiring example of how one school is working with its local public archive to bring the past to life.

Practically every town and village in the country has a public collection of archives. They are a massive but hidden resource for schools.

This programme shows how one school makes the most of its local archive to enhance and bring to life their work on the topic of slavery.

Martin Phillips, a teacher from Four Dwellings High School in Birmingham, and a team from the Birmingham City Archives, have developed an outreach session for his mixed ability Year 8 history class.

Work starts in the classroom where archive material is bought by the library. The archives are analysed and studied by the class. Spurred on by the session in the classroom, Martin takes the class into the library to see what else the archives have to offer.

Here the class learns how to preserve and repair archive material and what an archive library has to offer.

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