Professional Development for Quality Teaching


...in Cordoba, Mexico - Five Standards in One Day

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


Follow headteacher Maria de la Cruz Galan Raymond through a typical day at her primary school in Cordoba, Mexico, as she implements a new set of standards for school leaders.

Maria is taking part in a pilot project to develop standards for school leaders. The standards cover all aspects of school leadership, and inform how Maria interacts with parents, teachers, pupils and the local authorities.

She now holds drop-in sessions for parents, regular meetings with the Parents' Association, collaborates with local authorities to raise pupils' self-esteem, and makes time to monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning.

The strategies are already having a measurable impact on the schools' results, and Maria has rediscovered her passion for the job.

This video is part of a series looking at inspirational headteachers and the positive effect their leadership has had on the schools they've worked with.

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