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... in Xalapa, Mexico - The Five Standards and the School Community

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


Headteacher Alfonso Tirso Arroyo takes part in a pilot project to develop standards for Mexican school leaders, transforming his own role as headteacher.

Alfonso, inspired by exchanging ideas with UK headteachers, has implemented a series of organisational strategies at Escuela Secundaria Industrial Tecnica No.105, to get teachers, pupils and parents used to collaborating in small groups.

At No. 105, there are now pupil monitors and recycling projects; and first grade teachers across all subjects are holding regular sessions to discuss issues students may have.

Change is never easy, but gradually Alfonso is managing to transform relationships and his own role as headteacher.

This video is part of a series looking at inspirational headteachers and the positive effect their leadership has had on the schools they've worked with.

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