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Active Lunchtime

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


In this programme, we see how two schools have transformed listless playtimes into positive physical experiences.

The Deanes School in Essex has introduced a number of zoned areas within its playground, known as Activity City.

The wide range of activities offered helps to develop skills in sport and PE. Some of these are specifically designed for SEN groups, and the gifted and talented.

The Activity City is a very structured environment and, as well as getting the students active during lunch, the school has noticed a marked improvement in students' attitudes to study, post-lunchtime.

The programme also features Rawmarsh Community School, near Rotherham. The school offers a range of lunchtime activities, the most unusual being a radio station that broadcasts music, requests and school announcements over a school system at break time and lunchtime.

The students love having music to perform to, and levels of physical activity and engagement have increased since its introduction.

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