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Maintaining Participation at KS4

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


Keeping adolescents engaged in PE and sport isn't easy, but at Sedgefield Community College in County Durham, a wide range of simple, low-cost measures has produced a dramatic increase in girls' participation rates.

At the Tone School Sports Partnership in Taunton, a programme targeted at a small group of disaffected Key Stage 4 girls seeks to make them feel better about their bodies and about exercise.

In return for attending a weekly PE session held at the Somerset College of Arts & Technology, the girls are treated to hair and beauty lessons, also at the college.

At Wexham School in Slough, research indicated that boys, just like girls were dropping out of PE and sport, sometimes because of body-consciousness.

To overcome this, a series of indoor-rowing clubs was established across the partnership to gives boys an exercise option with which they might feel more at ease than conventional PE.

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