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Finding Documents, Organising Students, Giving Instructions

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


The Time Savers team of educational gurus deliver masterclasses to teachers, demonstrating the importance of time saving tips when looking at documents, students and giving instructions.

Expert Jo Parry, an experienced Secondary teacher, presents a masterclass of tips for classroom management.

Firstly, she tells us how she uses a simple system whereby each child is assigned a number to save the teacher time in collecting, marking, selecting groups and plenaries.

Jo then explains how a colour coding system can save a teacher time by eliminating the need to copy worksheets for pupils who have been absent.

Jo's other timesaving tips include ways to eliminate the need to verbally give regular instructions and a peer reviewing system that means the teacher can almost take the week off.

Additionally, we visit Emily, an art teacher at Macclesfield High School, whose class wastes time tidying up. Can using music help her claw back precious teaching time?

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