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Finding Time

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


Behaviour expert John Bayley advises a primary teacher who's concerned about how to teach his mixed-ability Year 5 class effectively.

Paul Moses's main worry is how best to allocate his time to students, because his Key Stage 2 class features some very able boys and another group requiring considerable extra attention. Paul is also torn between talking from the front and allowing his students to work in groups.

In this classroom-management resource, John gives practical support to former musician and film editor Paul to appreciate the varied learning approaches of different groups, with the more able needing to be challenged while the less able need space and time to build their confidence.

John also recommends a more effective allocation of time so that Paul doesn't feel continually rushed in his classes at Christ Church Primary School in south London.

This pedagogy video offers an excellent insight into the challenges presented by children of varying abilities, and the practical techniques available to teachers in similar situations.

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