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Libby's Little Tigers

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


Using behaviour strategies developed during 30 years of teaching, an early years teacher shows behaviour expert John Bayley how she welcomes a class on the first day of school, in this classroom-management resource.

Libby Pryce's top priority is to make her new pupils feel safe and secure, and she tells John her five best tips for preparing EYFS children for learning. They include providing familiar activities and encouraging parents to stay until they feel happy that their children are settled.

Libby also creates a group identity for the class, introduces fun activities to focus their attention and establishes her authority as the class leader.

John notes Libby's constant flow of language as she praises the children and models good behaviour throughout the morning. Two weeks later he returns to see Libby's routines in place and her Tiger class happily engrossed in learning.

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