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KS1/2 Antarctica - Teachers in the Freezer

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


A group of British teachers embark on a four-week expedition to Antarctica and demonstrate how humans are able to live on the South Pole.

Designed for use in KS1/2 geography and science lessons, the programme begins with an explanation of where Antarctica is, what the climate is like and what it takes to live there.

The teachers then show what clothes people should wear in Antarctica, how they should travel and what food they should eat in order to survive such cold conditions. They also explore a science project that tests what effect the cold has on their bodies.

Teachers in the Freezer caters for both scientific and geography curriculums, covering KS2 geography skill and enquiry elements as well as the Weather Around the World topic and the science topics Unit 4C: keeping warm and Unit 3C(3): choosing materials for a purpose.

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