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Being Different May Be Cool - On The Autistic Spectrum

Published: Jul 2020
30 mins


Including pupils on the autistic spectrum at primary and secondary brings particular challenges for schools. This whole-school video on SEN shows an honest account of life with autism, with views from three autistic brothers.

Inclusion can be challenging for teachers, and for the pupil school life can be a buzzing confusion of uncertainty. Meet brothers Luke, Joe and Ben Jackson. Their mother Jacqui is outspoken and articulate about how teachers can support pupils with autism, and the boys are extremely candid about how their condition affects them.

For Luke, there are many positives. He describes brother Joe as 'the most imaginative person you could ever meet' and Ben as 'the nicest and most honest kid'. Jacqui and the boys share their ideas about living with autism, as do the teachers who are working with Joe and Ben to ensure their inclusion in school life.

There's also an exercise devised by Luke that helps teachers imagine what the world is like for people with autistic spectrum disorders.

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