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KS1/2 Geography - Investigating the Local Environment

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


This programme looks at how using the local environment can enhance geographical learning at Key Stage 2.

We follow teacher Sam Jones as he delivers the KS2 topic, "Investigating the Local Environment", to his class at St. Leonard's Primary School in Exeter.

Sam's approach is to ask his pupils to test the hypothesis that environmental quality is better near the school than by the local river.

The topic, which can be taught across a day and a half or over a couple of weeks, includes a field trip to survey local streets.

Geographical understanding is developed through numeracy as pupils learn to measure distance to scale and use a scattergraph to reach their conclusions.

The lesson is evaluated by Devon Curriculum Services Geography Advisor, David Weatherly and Natalie Toulson from St. Michael's Church of England Primary School in Exeter.

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