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KS3/4 Modern Foreign Languages - Pupil As Teacher

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


In this programme, we see how MFL teacher Lorraine Thomas has transformed her Year 9 pupils into teachers.

Each week her class from Holyhead Secondary School in Birmingham travels to a neighbouring primary school to teach French to a Year 6 class.

Lorraine provides a lesson plan for her Year 9 pupils, training them to teach the younger pupils basic vocabulary about numbers and colours.

She finds that the pride her pupils take in their new role acts as a strong motivational factor in improving their vocabulary and grammar. The sessions also act as useful revision classes, recapping basic language in a different and engaging way.

From a wider perspective Lorraine is convinced that the initiative stimulates interest in languages in the younger pupils and gives them a head start before they begin secondary school.

She guides us through the main points of the scheme, explaining how it was established and highlighting the potential pitfalls.

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