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English and Media

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


Top 10 On The Web is a quickfire run down of the ten best websites for teaching English and media, as chosen by Chestnut Grove Secondary School in south London.

Ben Moor provides us with a sneak preview of each website whilst the teachers and students at Chestnut Grove offer their opinions on their chosen top ten.

With help from English and media advisors, the school were given a list of 50 suggested websites. They then added a few of their own favourites and voted to select the best ten.

Katherine Cumberbatch, head of English and media, said though the decision-making process was difficult, the school were able to make a unanimous decision on their number one.

So what is Chestnut Grove's favourite English and media website? Will any or your favourites appear in their top ten? Watch and find out!

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50 Suggested Websites for English and Media

A detailed list of the top 50 suggested websites for English and media, as featured in Top Ten on the Web

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