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Engaging the Learner

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


A panel of leading practitioners argue that teaching to the middle is not effective, and suggest that pupils learn best at the edge of their comfort zone in lessons that stretch and extend their thinking.

The six experts suggest improvements to the learning environment as well as differentiation as methods by which to achieve this.

The panel base their discussions around the Follow the Learner series, filmed at Hove Park School in Brighton. They give frank opinions on what they feel the programmes reveal about the critical issue of student aspirations, and how teachers can best raise them.

The experts are:

  • Corinne Franceschi, deputy head of Gable Hall School and former SSAT adviser
  • Phil Beadle, consultant and author
  • Heather Flint, former headteacher of Waldegrave School
  • Tom Barwood, education consultant
  • Brin Best, education consultant and author
  • Helen Todd, Edison achievement advisor

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