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Digging for History

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


Find out how an archaeological dig at Carr Manor primary school helps pupils develop historical skills as well as offering cross-curricular opportunities.

Legend has it that skirmishes took place on the field at Carr Manor, in Leeds, during the Civil War. Aided by a university lecturer and a local archaeologist, pupils from Year 3 and 5 dig up the field, looking for evidence of the school's exciting past.

Using tools like trowels and metal detectors, the children find all sorts of things under the ground including tent pegs and pieces of old toys.

The dig not only allows them to develop their historical skills and understanding but also offers plenty of opportunities for cross-curricular work back in class. The most important lesson of all is that history is everywhere, to be found by any school or pupil.

The project culminates with the development of a school museum, where both the findings and follow-up work are put on display for parents and pupils.

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