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Back on Track - KS3 Maths

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


Using a major piece of DCSF research as its basis, this programme looks at the reasons why some maths pupils are not achieving their potential at KS2. Why are some pupils at risk of not converting a Level 4 at KS2 into a Level 5 at KS3?

Staunton Community Sport College in Hampshire combats the problem of underachievement by identifying slower moving pupils and attempting to engage them more actively in the subject. Find out more as maths pupils in Years 7-9 tell us about the things they find most difficult, and explain what holds them back.

We also explore the techniques used by the maths department at Staunton. Head of maths, Neil Marshall, uses a mystery story to make problem solving more accessible to Year 7. Elsewhere, maths teacher Nigel Martin keeps his Year 9 pupils on track with a mental maths starter, encouraging pupils to explain their working methods.

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