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Colonial History

Published: Jul 2020
4 mins


An AST demonstrates the process behind planning and delivering a post GCSE history lesson on Britain's relations with her colonies, and gives advice on planning lessons.

AST Dr Robin Whitburn discusses the importance of identifying a key question in a lesson. For this lesson, Robin reveals that the key question is about British and African expectations of each other, and how were they expressed in illustrations.

Robin's lesson starts with a lively opener, asking which African World Cup teams are former colonies of which European power. He allows for differentiation with standard, super and super upgrade categories of complexity.

He then moves on to looking at historical illustrations and ask his students to decode the relationship portrayed within them. He completes his plan with a plenary on the expectations the Africans had about themselves.

Sara Bubb, senior lecturer at the Institute of Education, also offers her advice on lesson planning.

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