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Britain's Black History - Gold

Published: Jul 2020
3 mins


Historian Tony Warner brings to light African and Caribbean influences on Britain, in this KS3 black history lesson starter on gold and Britain's financial history.

Tony acts as a guide, showing how black history can be found in towns or cities throughout the UK, in this classroom resource. Most towns have a trading or financial area and evidence of black history is often very prevalent in these areas.

Tony visits the Bank of England, feels the weight of a real solid gold bar, and talks about its origins. He explains how some of Britain's earliest trading power came from gold mined in Africa, in an easy-to-understand way for Year 7 to Year 9.

One of the first British mass produced gold coins takes its name from the region of West African where much of the gold used to make the coin came from.

This lesson starter is designed for use with Key Stage 3 classes, but can also be used with Key Stage 2 pupils.

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