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Published: Jul 2020
4 mins


Discover more about the options for admission procedures for academies, as four principles of existing primary and secondary academies share their experiences in this school management resource.

The principals talk about their admission policies and how academy funding agreements require them to adhere to local authority admission arrangements.

Sir Michael Wilshaw of Mossbourne Academy, explains to headteachers perhaps wishing to switch to academy status in order to become a selective school, that they should "forget about it. This is about providing a first class educational service to children across the ability range".

10 per cent of an academy's intake can be selected on the basis of aptitude in a specialist subject, but not many academies put this into practice.

The other principals featured are Venessa Willms from King Solomon Academy Primary, Steve Kenning from Harris City Academy and Sally Coates from Burlington Danes Academy.

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