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South Farnham's First Steps

Published: Jul 2020
8 mins


An outstanding primary school begins the transition to being a new style academy, with the headteacher sharing his experiences, and outlining his concerns as well as what he sees as the advantages of academy status.

South Farnham School headteacher Andrew Carter talks about the process of becoming an academy and why they haven't signed on the dotted line yet. He also explains the paperwork involved and how the school has consulted with staff and parents.

Andrew explains the importance of having a chartered accountant as the school's bursar and predicts that his governors will be ready to give the go-ahead change to academy status within the year.

It is the new freedom of academy status that appeals to the school. Ideas being considered include opening up the school 48 weeks of the year, creating a gifted and talented music school, and encouraging good teachers to stay with bonus payments.

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