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What's in Your Food?

Published: Jul 2020
2 mins


Food expert Stefan Gates does an explosive experiment to test the levels of sugar in breakfast cereals, in a video for use in Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 science and PSHE lessons looking at the links between diet and health.

Gastronuts presenter Stefan is keen to know exactly what's in the food he eats and does an explosive experiment to find out just how much sugar is in two different breakfast cereals.

This video introduces the idea of checking what food contains, and is designed for use with primary and secondary pupils. It can be used as part of a lesson discussing whether a fictional snack bar - the 'Fruit Munchy Square' - should be banned, licensed or endorsed by the fictional British Institute of Eating Control.

The experiment shown in this video should not be attempted at home, and only carried out under careful and expert adult supervision.

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