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Eating to Win

Published: Jul 2020
6 mins


Help secondary pupils explore the links between science and fitness in this Key Stage 3/4 classroom video for PSHE and science lessons, where food expert Stefan Gates meets a triathlete to discuss his training diet.

The video is a useful scientific illustration of the effect of different foods on the body and how the amount of food we need to stay healthy can vary considerably depending on lifestyle.

Gastronuts presenter Stefan Gates meets triathlete Matt Sharp to find out about the relationship between diet and fitness. A triathlon is a punishing combination of cycling, running and swimming, and Matt has to train at least thirty hours a week.

Stefan is amazed by the amount Matt eats in a day but his diet is scientifically worked out to provide not only the necessary protein, calcium, fibre and vitamins to keep his body in peak condition but also the carbohydrate needed to provide the energy for so much intense exercise.

The video fits into a detailed lesson plan for secondary science lessons at Key Stage 3 and 4 and should prompt discussion, based on scientific evidence, about the effects of diet on health.

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