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Teaching the KS3/4 Snack Bar Lesson

Published: Jul 2020
6 mins


See how one secondary delivered a Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 science lesson on the health qualities of a new, fictional, snack bar, using the Junk Food Science Snack Bar videos and resources.

Teacher Shugufta Bargir delivers the science and PSHE lesson Woodkirk High School, Wakefield, and science education expert Matthew Tosh provides analysis of how it went.

After a starter activity, students watch the video which features three different people talking about a fictional new snack bar called the Fruit Munchy Square.

The students work in groups, as Scientific Advisory Committees, discussing the claims made by the contributors in the video to decide whether the claims are based on fact or opinion.

They must then make up their minds whether the Fruit Munchy Square should be banned, licensed or endorsed.

Shugufta is pleased with the way her students engage with the lesson and with the scientific ideas they bring to the debate.

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Snack Bar KS3/4 CPD PowerPoint Slides

CPD PowerPoint for teachers for the Snack Bar lesson at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4

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