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Education White Paper - Ofsted and Accountability

Published: Jul 2020
8 mins


Looking at Ofsted and accountability, education journalist Mike Baker finds out what the November 2010 education white paper, The Importance of Teaching, will mean for schools.

The white paper puts an emphasis on direct accountability for schools , meaning heads will need to offer more information to parents to allow them to assess and compare schools' performance.

The role of Ofsted will become narrower and although outstanding schools can expect to see far less of the inspectors, the balance of pupils' attainment and progress will be carefully calibrated to judge schools' success.

There will be reform of the performance tables, getting rid of the CVA (Contextually Value Added) measure, and a much more rigorous interpretation of the GCSE benchmark of five A* - C grades, will be introduced.

Mike talks to schools and education leaders on what the proposals will mean for them.

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