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Autonomy, Choice and Competition

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


Discover why Alberta's schools in Canada are the highest performing in the English speaking world.

Alberta's education system has been used by Michael Gove as a model of best practice in choice, autonomy and competition.

This video looks behind the rhetoric and discovers a highly collaborative network of school heads working with and within the local authority network.

Principal, Jean Styles, reveals the key role played by Edmonton district to establish a tightly knit and supportive unit, with monthly meetings for collaborative discussions about curriculum and teaching practice.

The choice available to parents is also explored. In some primary schools, two systems operate side by side; a mainstream programme with children working in mixed ability groups and a more traditional Cogito programme, with children sitting in rows with the teacher at the front.

One principal states that the success of the choice agenda has had a profound impact on new private schools.

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