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A Multi-Sensory Approach to Sequencing

Published: Jul 2020
5 mins


A secondary school shows how it helps students with dyslexia order their thoughs by a using process called sequencing.

St Luke's School in Swindon is a secondary school for students with moderate learning difficulties.

Dr John Stein of the Dyslexia Research Trust explains why sequencing letters and symbols can be a problem for students with dyslexia. He believes a multi-sensory approach can help students learn how to sequence.

In a lesson about Guy Fawkes, SENCO Jo Hale uses various techniques to reinforce sequencing. She brings in sound and pictures to emphasise the story and makea strong associations which students can use later to remember.

She demonstrates how to use a soundscape and how to tell the story, and then asks students to place pictures relating to the story in order.

Finally, Jo goes over the story again by asking the students to record the story, so they remember key points.

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