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Alternative Methods of Recording

Published: Jul 2020
5 mins


A secondary school shows its creative solutions to making sure students with dyslexia have understood lessons, including demonstrating their learning through drama, animation and audio recordings.

St Luke's School in Swindon is a secondary school for students with moderate learning difficulties.

In a lesson on Guy Fawkes, students, supported by teacher Luke Wareham retell the gunpowder plot to show their learning. Rather than writing, the groups use different techniques to record their understanding.

One groups uses drama, another creates audio files and a third group makes a stop-frame animation. Luke plays to the strengths of his students and finally puts the story together in one presentation. This method ensures students can focus, and enjoy the lesson as active learners.

Dyslexia expert, University of Oxford Professor John Stein, explains why this active element, otherwise known as a mutli-senory approach to learning, helps students with dyslexia retain information more efficiently.

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