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Early Reading - The Simple View of Reading

Published: Jul 2020
45 mins


This PGCE lecture aims to tell trainee teachers more about key aspects of primary English and the two dimensions of the Simple View of Reading, in a talk given by Julie Bowtell from the School of Education, University of Hertfordshire.

Julie explains how reading is an active process of getting meaning from print, and she explores different methods of achieving this.

Using volunteers, Julie demonstrates activities that assist in the teaching of phonics, including Odd One Out, where pupils identify which pupil name sounds different from a small selection of the class; and Phonics Full Circle, where six pupils make a series of three-letter words from placards displaying a single letter.

Finally, Julie demonstrates how to encourage primary pupils to engage with text by predicting and pronouncing the phonemes in a covered-up word from a popular story book. This lecture may also be of interest to newly qualified teachers (NQTs).

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