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KS2 Geography - Invaders and Settlers 1

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


As part of a geography lesson on invaders, settlers and settlements, teacher Deborah Lord takes her Year 4 class on a trip to the hill behind their school, from which there is a clear view of the Somerset Levels. From here the children can see the various villages and how they are connected.

Deborah sets the class a series of tasks. They must note the details of the landscape as they journey up the hill and fill out worksheets and a sketch map once they have reached the top, based on their observations.

Coming along on the trip are two geography experts who comment on the organisation and content of the lesson. We see how the pupils are able to extend their knowledge of place and environment by studying their own locality. Their geographical vocabulary, as well as their fieldwork skills, are improved by looking at features of both human and physical geography.

This programme discusses:

  • Making short trips runs smoothly
  • Analysing knowledge, place and environment
  • Learning to draw worksheets and sketch maps

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