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Secondary Assessment - Assessment for Learning: Questions and Answers

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


In this programme we visit Valentine's High School in Ilford where the teaching and learning group are spearheading a whole-school strategy for Assessment for Learning.

At an evening meeting we see teachers brainstorming ideas and offering feedback on experimental work undertaken in their own departments.

Science teacher Richard Griffin uses Key Questions with Year 9, but also grapples with more complex ways of questioning pupils to deepen their understanding.

Maths teacher Vicky Inman combines "Traffic Lights" and "No Hands Up" techniques with her Year 9 class. She comments on their value as tools for inclusion in a subject that traditionally alienates many pupils.

In addition, Vicky discusses the excitement of getting positive responses from students rather than the usual sea of blank faces.

Back at the meeting, we hear views on the deeper meaning of AFL that lies beneath the surface "ticklist" of strategies.

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