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Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


Blogging is now a worldwide phenomenon with weblogs reaching a potential audience of hundreds of millions.

Blogs have been described as the ultimate in publishing for the people and have been used to challenge governments and the press.

Steve O'Hear, one of Britain's digital evangelists, explores how blogs can be used in schools. Steve finds some enthusiastic primary age bloggers and sees how it helps in literacy, ICT skills and a range of other subjects.

He finds many of the benefits extend beyond the curriculum. Blogging can help pupils:

Develop confidence
Improve their self expression
Get a real sense of fulfilment from publishing their work
In West Blatchington School in Hove, blogging is practised by everyone from the head down. Steve visits the school's after-school blogging club, a special bloggers' assembly and sees weblogs being used in the school's autistic unit.

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