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Published: Jul 2020
60 mins


Is Baroness Warnock right? The original architect of the inclusion policy comes face-to-face with a panel of experts, including former Ofsted chief, Chris Woodhead, and equality campaigners on the future of inclusion.

Children with disabilities have always had a tough time in education. For 25 years, education policy has striven to remove the barriers to learning faced by children with special needs by including them in mainstream schools.

But not everyone is happy with the way the government is trying to achieve it.

Teachers fear classroom disruption. Parents of non-disabled children fear an erosion of academic standards. And, at the heart of the debate, stands the right to continue sending the most severely disabled to special schools.

For some, this is segregation. For others, it is common sense. Now even Baroness Warnock has turned against it. The way we're teaching disabled children, she claims, will leave "a disastrous legacy."

Lady Warnock and former Ofsted chief, Chris Woodhead, join Jonathan Dimbleby and a panel of teaching practitioners and equality campaigners to discuss the future of inclusive education.

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