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KS2 RE - Christianity 1

Published: Jul 2020
15 mins


This programme shows how to teach a lesson on Christianity to pupils from a multi-faith background with little or no knowledge of the subject. The Easter story is the subject of KS1 and KS2 lessons.

The programme features an RE coordinator teaching her own Year 3 class and a mixed reception/Year 1 class about the Easter story. In both classes the emphasis is very much on encouraging speaking and listening skills.

The idea of "giving up" something is introduced to the Year 1s and the concept is developed to build up to Jesus giving up his life in the Easter story.

The Year 3 children are introduced to the word "sacrifice" and the Easter story is read to them. The children are encouraged to think of sacrifices they have made in their own lives. This enables them to relate to the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. They learn that for Christians, Easter is the most important event in the calendar.

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